“It’s all about the journey, not the destination”

I never have been and never will be the ‘travel light’ kind of person. I’m more of a bag lady, eternally hauling around with a series of bags in all sizes. Not always the practical choice as I’m continuously misplacing credit cards and lipsticks, but that’s just a sacrifice I’m willing to make. I lead the life of a nomad and am constantly on the move as even my weekends are filled with migrations to the seaside where I get to breathe the fresh salty air and where I’m capable of fully enjoying my loved ones.

I was three months old when my miniature body set baby foot on a plane; Caribbean bound to lead a life on the Isle of Curaçao. Ever since, I have travelled around the world with the ambition to create memories and to fill my soul with stories that inspire.

Travelling does not necessarily make me unwind; it actually fills my thoughts with crazy ideas, it makes me a bit restless, as I’m eager to absorb as much as I can and once back home, my mind starts processing the impulses that I experienced.

After all these years, travelling remains magical and besides having to take off every now and then on my own for job matters, I’m now thrilled to be able to share the travel bug with my offspring, who likewise me also master the art of “multiple bag hauling”, pretty cute sight in my humble opinion.


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