We are Tiany & Michael Kiriloff, siblings better known as the Kiriloves. We are what you call long time vintage & antique lovers and totally passionate about beautiful stuff with a history.

Tiany in three words: unstoppable, fashion-crazy and addicted to vintage. No scratch that; she’s more words than three. She’s the multitasker that can order a pair of Prada’s while doing Pilates in between TikTok's with her daughters - and more. She has a soft spot for chocolate, a weak spot for being on time (oops) and the thought of yet another cool eclectic outfit to wear, gets her kick starting her mornings.

Tiany has been doing fashion for over 20 years and has worked with a never-ending list of amazing personalities and brands. Because of her know-how, passion and dedication to this world she has become an authority with a genuine fashion personality and identity. 

Michael started sourcing “old stuff” at the age of 8 and was probably the youngest kid hanging around our local flea markets discussing history with a flock of “The Golden Years” members.

Over the years he developed a great eye for all things antique and along his parcours his collection and interests grew larger. Eventually resulting in buying forgotten gems that sister Kirilove would kindly adopt. Many fashion-loving friends often admired the little trinkets that Tiany would wear. That’s when it hit brother & sister that they should start sharing their love for vintage bijoux with more than just family & friends.

From their shared love for vintage jewelry came a dream to launch an online little shop of vintage glitter, one where you can find and cherish rare and one-of-kind gems with a tad bit of history.

After many calls, what’s app messages and social distanced meetings (Covid19 times – you see) Kirilove bijou was born; a little online boutique offering you affordable vintage bijoux. Unique, timeless and planet friendly (yup that’s what vintage does) pieces that will enhance your looks and add that little extra bit of personality to your outfit.

We take great care in ‘discovering’ your vintage bijou and every trinket is locally sourced and inspected by Mister Kirilove, who has a lifetime of vintage jewelry knowledge. If you want to talk to us just connect with Misses Kirilove, as she is more of the communicative type. No just kidding, we both are!

Anyhow looking forward to adding a little bit of vintage bling to your lives.