We love vintage jewelry and especially rings! Honestly… we don’t think of them as being hard to buy online, in the end you have 10 fingers so it’s most likely that your vintage bijou will fit on one of them. We however want you to be super happy with your new trinket and have hereby some tips & tricks to determine your ring size.




Great! Then just place your ring on a ruler and measure the diameter of the ring in mm. Make sure to measure the inside of the ring, as that’s what defines your ring size.

Here’s a little chart to translate circumference and mm into ring sizes

The Internet also suggests measuring your ring size with the string on paper method, but personally we’re not a great fan as these materials can stretch and therefor cause and inaccurate measuring.

Use a piece of paper to measure the circumference of your finger instead:
Wrap a piece of paper around the base of the finger, mark the spot where the paper meets. Don't  wrap the paper too tightly as the ring needs to pass by your knuckles. Use a mm ruler to measure its length then use our chart above to translate circumference and mm into ring sizes.

Having your ring size measured at your local jeweler is however the most accurate and easy way.

Please keep in mind that finger sizes differ on the time of the day measured and that weather circumstances also influence your ring size. It might therefore be a good idea to measure your finger on different moments.

Please note that we are all different in how we prefer to wear a ring and therefor we cannot be held responsible for determining your ring size. Please keep in mind that resizing is at your responsibility and choice.


We've hereby also added a ring size conversion chart, which might be handy to define your ring size.




The ring sizes mentioned are all standard European sizes and all rings are -unless mentioned- adaptable. Please do note that there are limits to resizing. We advise to visit your trusted jeweller in case you would like to resize. We can always help you out a bit, just drop us a mail via